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About us

How We Began

As a current student at Texas A&M University, I initially started raising high quality guppies, shrimp and corals in order to share quality livestock at an affordable price with my fellow students. Soon my production outpaced what I could sell locally and I knew I needed to move online to share my livestock with more hobbyists. With this in mind, I started Bar S Aquatics and I hope to continue sharing my passion with aquarium keepers. The brand "Bar S" has been used by my family on our ranches for generations and I am excited to bring that brand into a new industry.

Our Livestock┬á´╗┐

At Bar S Aquatics, we feed only the highest quality live, frozen, and dried foods. We continuously strive to perfect our genetic lines and improve the overall health and longevity of our stock. We are more than happy to share any information about our nutrition, care, and water parameters with you. For additional care information about our livestock please visit our care section.