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Saltwater Coral Guide

We guarantee that you will love the coral that come from our tanks. Our suggested parameters are as follows:

Temperature                   76 - 78 Degrees Fahrenheit

Specific Gravity              1.025

PH                                  8.0 - 8.4

Alkalinity                         8.0 - 10.0 

Par Readings                 (vary by coral type)

Calcium                          400 - 450ppm

Magnesium                    1350 - 1450ppm

Nitrite                             0

Ammonia                       0

Nitrate                           < 20ppm 

Phosphate                    < .1ppm


At Bar S Aquatics, we take the health of our livestock very seriously.  We want to make sure not only the livestock themselves are happy and healthy, but also you the customer. All livestock raised in our facilities are fed the highest quality food and continuously monitored for health and genetic quality. All livestock that arrives at our facility is unpacked and inspected with the utmost care. All corals we bring in are dipped and then placed in one of our systems where we continuously monitor salinity, pH, alkalinity, calcium, and magnesium. We do not ship any livestock that is not in full health. Any livestock that are found to not be in full health are immediately removed and placed in a separate hospital system for treatment and/or special monitoring. All coral we frag will heal for a minimum of three months before being sold, and any coral we sell that has not been fragged by our staff will be monitored for an appropriate amount of time to ensure the best chances of survival.

When your corals arrive, you should begin acclimating them as soon as possible. We personally drip acclimate as this will help the corals acclimate to your water parameters. If you choose to dip your corals, we recommend Bayer for SPS, Lugol’s iodine for LPS, and Coral RX or Revive for soft corals. If you decide to float your corals in their bag, please do not place them directly under the lights as this can shock them.

Thank you for visiting our site and for taking the time to learn with us!